Pecan Pie Recipes To Win Over Your Favorite Die-Hard

If you are a lover of pecan pies, then you may be familiar with all sorts of Pecan pie recipes in Phoenix. However, as someone who really enjoys the taste of a wonderful slice of pecan pie, you may be surprised that there are some people that actually do not like pecan pie. Before you are tempted to vote for legislation shipping these people to third-world nations, there is a good reason for the dislike some people have. One is that not all pecan pies are created equal. There are many bargain basement pecan pies sold as snacks in boxes of 12 at the grocery store. Of course, these pecan pies will do in a pinch, but are not a great representation of a true pecan pie. The fact is, if a person has never had a real pecan pie, they may be prejudiced!

As you know, the perfect pecan pie is delicate balance between the top toasted pecan layer and the sugar-jelly filling beneath. The piecrust is always chosen to be subtle so as not to detract from the heavenly sugar pecan mixture above. The idea is that if you properly prepare this terrific concoction, even your most die-hard pecan-pie-hating friend can be converted.

One way to achieve the perfect basic pecan pie is to compare pecan pie recipes in Phoenix. These can come out of published cookbooks. There are also very active recipe publishers online. The recipes often state that the key is starting with the freshest, most wonderful pecans you can lay your hands on, and then focusing your attention on the filling. There are three important components to the right filling: the taste and the texture. Many pie makers feel that the key ingredient to taste is the butter. The butter gives the “richness” quality of the filling. Getting less than the best butter in the right proportion will probably doom your pie. The second key ingredient is the sugar source. Some use brown sugar, others pancake syrup, and still others, molasses. These can give interesting tastes to the final product. Some of the most successful recipes start with Karo syrup and brown sugar. Finally, candy makers know that the peak temperature you cook a sugar mixture determines the final hardness. For the proper filling texture, be sure to invest in a cooking thermometer and follow the temperature directions of the recipe religiously.

From the basic pecan pie recipes in Phoenix, all sorts of variations are available. Some especially enjoy a chocolate pecan pie. Others like to mix in the Spirits. Do not be afraid to experiment!

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