Diamonds Petal Style Rings

Make your loved one smile when she sees the sparkle of a diamonds petal style wedding rings. The Diamonds Petal style rings trend has taken off mostly due to celebrities favoring the style for their wedding rings. There are many styles of diamond petal style rings, including wedding rings and cocktail rings.

Petal Style Wedding Rings

Petal style wedding rings create a romantic, fabulous feeling for any bride. Many brides love the romantic vibe of a petal style wedding ring. The awesome thing about the petal style wedding ring is you do not have to buy a massive ring in order to have a nice ring. You should always focus on clarity and cut when buying a diamond wedding ring. You do not want to overspend by buying a large stone you can’t comfortably afford. Because a petal ring has an intricate design, you can focus on the quality of the stone versus the size of it.

The best band for a petal style wedding ring is a delicate wedding band. Micro diamonds or a thin plain metal band work best with petal rings because they sit flush against the ring. You can also have a wedding band specially made for the petal ring that fits around the petals for a chic look. After you propose, the bride can choose a band that suits her style. Many brides choose a standard band so they have the option of wearing the band on its own versus a band that must sit against the petal ring in order to look good.

Petal Style Cocktail Rings

Who could forget the massive petal style cocktail ring in the first Sex and the City film? Petal style cocktail rings are hot on the trend radar and look great worn on any finger. The thing about the cocktail ring is it’s no longer reserved for cocktail hour. Now women are wearing bold cocktail rings throughout the day and night, for any occasion. Petal style cocktail rings are great for women of all ages, including teens and women in their prime.

The petal style cocktail ring is brilliant in diamonds, but also works with gemstones such as amethysts, emeralds or a topaz stone. Gemstones are ideal for major cocktail rings that make an impact when worn with little other jewelry. When wearing a petal style cocktail ring, let it steal the show by pairing it with subtle pieces.



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