Do Not Forget To Thank The Ushers!

When you are planning a wedding there is a lot to think about. From the catering to the flower arrangements, photographing to the guest list, there are so many tasks and the work seems endless. On top of that, you want to express your gratitude for the people who are helping to make this day the best one of your life. What about the ushers? Do they deserve a little something? Before you freak out about that too, just follow these guidelines for taking care of them with some usher gifts.

A Toast To The Usher

Sure, they may not have a central part in your big day, but they are a crucial component. Most of the time these are the people who hand out wedding programs, help guests find a seat, and ensure that the aisle is clear for the bride to take her elegant walk to her husband. Moreover, they may be close family and friends. Therefore it would be a good idea to present them with something as a souvenir or memento of the historic moment. That does not mean that you need to splash out! Try a wine or shot glass, which is always useful and versatile.

The Key To Happiness

Okay, so these presents are not exactly the ultimate source of happiness, but they will put a smile on the recipient’s face. Why not try something simple yet tasteful, such as a keychain? Now do not be fooled; key chains can take on many different uses. They often serve more than one function, such as a bottle opener or a set of tweezers. These are versatile and useful items that can still add a personalized touch. Add some engraving and you have a memento that is not only attractive but can be put to good use as well.

Oh The Places They’ll Go

Finally, you can almost never go wrong with a travel set. Not only are these items a whole lot of fun, but they are things that we would actually want to bring with us when we go on a trip. Travel sets serve many purposes and includes accessories such as card holders, manicure and grooming items, toothbrush holders, and luggage tags. Rather than give an usher something that is a once-and-done deal, they can tote around the present for years to come! Of course whatever you give will depend on the person’s interests, relationship to you, and their personality. Yet these guidelines are a great start to think about what you will offer them!

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