Non Denominational Wedding 101

A denominational wedding doesn’t conform to the traditional rules of the religion. It has no restrictions and the bride and groom can incorporate religion in any way they want. It is officiated by Non-Denominational Minister in San Antonio and other parts of the country.

Non Denomination Weddings Are Perfect For

1. People who aren’t very religious.

2. Couples who want non religious weddings or want a combination of several elements.

3. If the bride and groom are from separate faiths.

4. People who want to do something different for their wedding.

Information to Help Plan a Non Denominational Wedding

Know What You Want

Decide with your partner what kind of ceremony you want and also the kind of atmosphere you wish to achieve.

Customized ceremonies

Non-denominational weddings are becoming increasingly popular with people these days, as they don’t restrict couples to perform their marriage in a specific religious way. Many people, however, still incorporate several elements of tradition. There are several options for the couple such as poetic spiritual choices as well as non-religious ceremonies.

Non-Denominational Ministers

These days, ministers use the title of officiants and are licensed to officiate weddings. Talk to them to ensure that you will get the wedding you are expecting. Here are some tips to help you choose them.

Are They Good At What They Do

To officiate a wedding is a serious business. Look beforehand whether the minister is passionate about their job. Also, see whether you and your better half can relate to the officiant as it is very important to be on the same page. Furthermore, see if they are providing you ideas and suggestions, and whether they have qualities like kindness, generosity, and leadership ability.

Does the Officiant’s Personality Resonate With You

There is no right or wrong way to officiate a wedding. It is all about what the couple wants. It is important that you like and are comfortable with your minister because it makes the entire process smooth and enjoyable.

How Will Your Ceremony Be Created


Most of the good officiants mention their references on their website which states the first and last name of a couple. There are also wedding reviews that give an insight about what the minster is like and further recommendation. Never pick a Non-Denominational Minister in San Antonio without reading the references.

The Contract Factor

As you finalize your decision, make sure you get into a contract or written agreement with your officiant. This is important as you need to have a sound understanding of what is written in the agreement, what services will be provided to you, how much the services will cost you, attendance at rehearsal, and what time your wedding ceremony will be at.

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