The Lifecycle Of A Typical Tradeshow Booth

Do you know where your trade show exhibits are in their lifecycle? Would there be a significant impact to your company if you were to upgrade now, versus waiting a few more years?

Generally the life of the typical tradeshow booth will follow (roughly) this pattern:

* Realization that your company has outgrown the old booth.
* Creating a design for a new booth based on your current needs.
* Purchase and use of your new booth.
* Realize in the first one to two years that the booth is not perfect for your needs, but you’re still doing fine.
* Between years two and four, making smaller adjustments and on-site repairs.
* Having to make larger adjustments and repairs as time passes.
* Realization that you’re about to outgrow the booth – in a number of different ways.
* Creating a budget for a brand new booth.
*  Repeating the process every five to seven years.

While every business will experience a slightly different booth lifecycle in its own way, this is a general idea of what the lifecycle will be. There are some companies that want to purchase a new booth every several years, while others are proud that they have remained in the same booth for two decades.

However, you have to keep in mind each time a booth is put up and taken down it suffers serious wear and tear. This will eventually shorten the lifespan of the booth, regardless of how careful you may be.

So now you are faced with the dilemma of extending the life of the booth if it is not quite time to purchase an entirely new one. One way to do this is to update your graphics regularly. When you refresh the look of the booth with graphics, you are essentially giving the space a complete makeover. In most cases, the frame of a booth will last for a period of five to seven years, but you can still present something new and fresh every year to keep customers coming back to see “what’s next.”

Taking some time to consider the lifecycle of your tradeshow booth will help you determine if it is time to replace or if new graphics and a few repairs are sufficient. Taking some time to evaluate this every few years will help ensure that your trade show booth is not only in good condition, but it continues to stay in this condition.

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