Using Screen Print in Kansas City For Shirt Designs

Screen Print in Kansas City can be used to make unique shirts. For most people, getting customized shirts is as simple as visiting a website and starting the design process. It’s possible to just send artwork to a designer and let them handle the rest. Individuals who want to do their screen printing will be happy to know it’s possible.

Setting Up

Before beginning a screen print in Kansas City, there are some necessaries a person will need. They will need adequate space for their setup. The right supplies will have to be purchased. A screen and frame will have to be purchased from a supply store. A photo emulsion and sensitizer will be needed. A light bulb, squeegee, latex gloves, cardboard, and fabric ink will also be needed. It’s important to remember that the setup area must be capable of being pitch black. As such, some enthusiasts use large closets for screen printing.

Starting Simple

People who are new to screen printing should start simple so they can get a feel for what they are doing. They can print out a simple image using transparency paper and a laser printer. Something like a couple of words will do for a first project. A first-timer shouldn’t expect perfect results. It’s okay to make mistakes and learn. Some people enjoy figuring the process out.

Putting It Together

Once a person has all of their supplies, they should probably watch a few tutorial videos online to get a better idea of how screen printing works. Most people find videos easier to follow than written instructions. It’s a good idea to watch videos from different people to see how certain techniques might be modified. Different people can have different tips and tricks to make the screen printing process easier to understand.

Although screen printing shirts at home can be fun, it can also be messy and time-consuming. Ordering shirts online simple and don’t take long to complete. Anyone interested in shirts can request a quote. Some people will even order customized shirts from screen printers so that they can resell them. If a person has a unique design that might sell, they can use a screen printer to bring it to life.

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