Understanding the Different Styles of Plus-Size Athletic Shorts

Shopping for plus-size shorts that are designed specifically for activewear can be challenging. With so many different options to choose from today, narrowing down your options can especially difficult. Read on to discover the differences between activewear short styles below.

Mid Thigh Shorts

Mid-thigh shorts are among the most popular plus-size athletic shorts, and for good reasons. This style is comfortable, not prone to chaffing or irritation, and practical for a variety of different uses such as sports, running and more. Mid-thigh shorts provide good coverage without being uncomfortably long, making them essential for any plus-size wardrobe.

Biker Shorts

Biker shorts are becoming increasingly popular in the realm of plus-size athletic shorts. This style is typically made from fitted and stretchy material that is similar to leggings without full coverage, making it ideal for use during the hot summer months. Biker shorts tend to hit right under or above the knee depending on the particular manufacturer. Biker shorts are excellent for running and gym workouts as they do not move and stay in place like a legging. This is an excellent option for anyone who does not like the movement associated with loose styles of shorts.

Investing in plus-size shorts is a smart move for any active woman who is working on building a solid wardrobe. Shorts can be hit and miss, though. Consider these different styles to ensure that you find the right option for your specific needs. Be sure to try them on for the best comparison possible.