Tips For Decorating With Silicone Push Molds

Silicone molds have rapidly become the go-to option for home bakers and professional bakers. They are easy to work with, relatively inexpensive and they have a very long life cycle with limited special care requirements.

These silicone molds are sometimes called silicone push molds or, less commonly silicone press molds. They can be difficult to find, so shopping at a specialized bakery supply outlet is often the best idea to get a good section. For only orders across the country or even internationally, N.Y. Cake is a great place to look.

How They Work

All silicone push molds are used with the stiffer, more durable and stronger decorating options. These include gum paste, chocolate modeling pages or fondant, whichever it is the best option for your specific decorating requirements.

The fondant or chocolate modeling paste is simply pressed into the mold with the fingers. The key is to make sure to work the material fully into the mold as this is essential to ensure the full details of the mold are imprinted onto the surface once the fondant is removed from the mold.

These molds can be used to create raised decorative elements from braiding, and various options in trim or designs through to flowers, hearts, messages in fonts and text, seasonal decorations or specific themed details and decorations.

Once out of the mold, the fondant, gum paste, chocolate modeling clay or other options can be further enhanced with color, sparkles or other types of decorative elements. Take the time to allow the material to settle fully into the mold. Ideally, place in the fridge or freezer to allow the mold to solidify before removing the mold.

Keep in mind; the silicone push molds are flexible. This means it is easier to complete the process of removing the decorative element by twisting and bending the mold for easy release.

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