Gift Ideas for an Upcoming Baby Shower

If you have a baby shower coming up, you’re probably wracking your brain to think of something the mother- and father-to-be will love that you can gift. You can sometimes find the perfect item on a gift registry, but if there isn’t one or you aren’t happy with the selection of products, you might want some extra ideas before you decide. Don’t worry, we have some great thoughts and are happy to share them.

Memory Book

Every new parent is excited to talk about and remember every milestone their little one goes through. A memory book is a perfect gift to take advantage of that desire. The parents can write down special moments and even add photos or extras to look back on in later years. After the baby grows up, the family can share it with them as a way to remember the years before. Any parent would be happy to have this.

Gift Basket

For those of you who can’t narrow down the options to just one, you don’t have to. Buy a few of the must-haves that parents might forget about and put it all in a basket with a whimsical or elegant design. You might choose things like diapers, baby wipes, rattles, diaper cream, body suits, pacifiers, and more. This is a great way to offer a selection of items without feeling forced into spending a lot.

Handmade Gifts

Those who have a penchant for crafting can choose from several gifts that soon-to-be parents will appreciate. You could build a diaper cake with several sizes, knit socks or mittens, or even use a flower from the selection on the website to make a headband for the new baby. You can even get a pre-made headband for less work.

Car Seat

If you want to offer some safety for the coming baby, a car seat is a fantastic choice. It’s needed to bring home the child from the hospital but sometimes it can be forgotten in all of the hustle and bustle of birth. An infant car seat can be a great gift that will be consistently used.

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