The Two Different Kinds of Ninja Swords

When most people think of ninja swords, they have one or two types of swords in mind. Ninjas were never a very formalized group of warriors throughout feudal Japan. For the most part, their defining characteristics were as a form of mercenary. Ninjas would often be paid for their services whereas a samurai typically worked for a daimyo or shogun. That meant that ninjas often had more of a variety of materials. They typically used a katana much like the samurai. However, some of them would use the more affordable ninjato.


Katanas are some of the most iconic swords ever made. They are single-edged swords with a slight backwards curve. The curve makes it easier to swing them and improves the cutting motion. Traditional katanas were made by master swordsmiths who would heat and fold steel hundreds of times until it was incredibly strong. A katana is a very lightweight but strong sword. They are the most iconic ninja swords, as well.

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A ninjato was typically a sword much like a katana but it was made in a more affordable manner. The typical ninjato is not curved but instead has a straight blade. It is a single-edged sword. Also, ninjatos were typically made from metal that was not folded as many times as a katana. Essentially, they were more affordable ninja swords. They helped a ninja blend in with other warriors who were not samurai. They also were easier for a ninja to use, especially if the sword had to be abandoned at some point.

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