The Importance Of High Bay Lighting Using LED Technology

Providing high-quality lighting in large facilities such as warehouses, storage facilities, loading docks and in buildings such as sporting arenas and freight terminals can be a real challenge. The height of the ceiling and the need to provide consistent lighting for safe movement and operation of equipment is critical to meet safety standards and regulations.

Traditional types of lighting don’t work with the high ceilings, particular when the ceilings are 20 feet or above. The light quality on the ground is poor, and there may be considerable issues with color distortion due to the quality and nature of the light.

To avoid these issues, these types of buildings are now featuring LED high bay lighting solutions. With the dramatically enhanced LED technology, the true light provided and the low maintenance requirements, these are an ideal match for these types of facilities and buildings.

Cost Savings

While there will be an initial cost to convert current lighting to LED high bay lighting options, this cost will soon be covered by the energy savings. Depending on the current lighting in place, the cost savings in energy alone will be significant and will continue to add to the value.

Additionally, with the use of LED bulbs, maintenance for the lighting will be minimal. With different lumens and different high bay lighting options, there will be different life cycles for bulbs, but most will be rated to provide 35,000 hours of light. This means fewer bulb replacements and less time in changing out bulbs.

Safety Considerations

With the use of the specialized high bay fixtures, issues with glare, color distortions, and areas of shadows and poor visibility can be eliminated. Correct placement of the fixtures provides even, true light that makes these facilities safer places for everyone to work.

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