Mountain Biking to Benefit the Body and the Mind

Most people are aware that any type of physical activity is good for them on some level, however certain activities hold significant benefits that others cannot lay claim to. Mountain biking for example offers many noteworthy advantages to riders including improved cardiovascular and bone health, as well as increased coordination and balance. What you might not know however, are all the mental benefits gained from taking part in such a physical activity. While mountain biking may seem like a solo sport at first glance, there is most definitely a social element to tearing up some trails with likeminded individuals who hold a common interest.

Boost Your Confidence and Your Mood While Biking

Aside from the healthy social interactions, there is something to be said for gradually conquering mother nature’s sometimes challenging terrain. Most people never get out and explore the natural world around them, getting so caught up in work or commercial interests they tend to forget that there is life outside of the city. It has been proven however, in several studies that spending more time in nature boosts levels of happiness and decreases the effects of depression and other mood disorders. In fact, in 2015 Stanford University performed a study that measured the cognitive changes of participants who spent less than an hour in a natural environment. These people performed better on memory tasks and experienced a greater amount of positive emotions.

Ride Your Way into a Happier Life

If such a small amount of time can have that type of effect on your mental state, just imagine what a couple hours on a mountain bike can do for you. With its heart pumping physical activity, and the self-confidence gained from meeting your personal goals, mountain biking is a great way to take care of your body as well as your mind. If you are seeking mountain bikes for sale in Cape Coral area, check out the available rides from Fort Myers Bike Shop. They have a wide variety of bicycles and accessories to choose from including; mountain bikes, road bikes, and Hybrids.

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