Even in a Tough Game Sublimated Football Uniforms Stand Out

The cold, wet game of football gets dirty fast. If you are a uniform manager or a team manager getting ready to order new uniforms for your group, you know a top concern for most members is keeping them clean. Yet, typical materials do not make this easy and, from the heat of the summer to the cold of the fall months, the uniforms do not last. Sublimated football uniforms offer a different opportunity.

Choose a Material That Is Durable

The ground in dirt from a football field can be hard to wash away. However, with the use of sublimated football uniforms, this gets to be a bit easier than you may expect. These uniforms allow you to wash them clean by keeping the dirt out. They easily release the dirt, debris, and grime from the uniform to allow it to stay clean longer.

Printing That Looks Great

Another common problem with football uniforms is that the lettering, numbers, team names, or logos all begin to peel off. This happens due to the durable level of play but also because of the chemical-based washing many people use to get these uniforms clean. However, with sublimation printing, there is nothing to peel off. Rather, the dye for the logos and details is not a layer on top of the fabric but is within the fibers of it. This allows the uniform to continue to look fabulous without having to worry about cracked, chipped, or peeling ink.

When the time comes to invest in sublimated football uniforms, invest wisely. Choose high-quality materials designed to be durable and long lasting. You also want to be sure the printing method allows you the ability to customize every detail to fit your needs. This helps uniforms stand out.

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