Knowing Which Jewelry Store to Buy From

There are a large number of jewelry stores in the Tampa FL area, but finding the best one for you can take a bit of time and research. Most jewelry stores carry the entire selection of gemstones, metals and jewelry types while others focus on a single style or price range. Are you looking for bridal jewelry or costume jewelry? Do you want a smaller shop in a mall or an independent retailer with their own storefront? Deciding on what you as a buyer are looking for will help narrow down your search.

National Chain Stores vs. Small Shops

Obviously the larger chains which have stores all over the United States will carry a larger selection of jewelry; however, some may find the quality to be lacking in some pieces. A buyer will also want to check and make sure the stones are genuine as mass produced items could be replicas. Smaller shops carry the same risks, but normally focus on a smaller range of items and put more emphasis on selling higher quality over quantity. If diamonds are your desire, finding a jewelry store that focuses on diamonds and diamond jewelry would be your best choice. These stores are well versed in selecting the best diamonds by carat weight, cut and clarity.

Genuine vs. Lab Grown

Genuine stones are those which have been created in nature with no outside assistance from humans. The process can take many years to complete and will give the stone a unique characteristic. On the same token, it also creates imperfections and blemishes. Diamonds are especially prone to this which is why gemologists work towards a standard of perfection which grades the clarity and blemishes in a specific stone. Laboratory grown specimens can include a wide variety of different gem types. By having the stone created in controlled areas, blemishes and imperfections are kept to a minimum which may be desirable to some people, but completely turn others away. Many view genuine stones, with their imperfections, to be the best option to purchase. In the case of diamonds being selected for engagement rings; a stone that can take thousands of years to form properly can be poetically viewed as a testament to the love one person feels towards another. In the end, whether it is genuine or created, selecting the perfect stone can take a bit of time and thought but the end result will be stunning.
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