Kids Umbrellas are for Fun and Function

One thing is for certain; walking with an umbrella is a favorite pastime for kids. It doesn’t matter if it’s sunny or rainy; an umbrella and a pair of rubber boots turn a boring walk into an otherwise fun adventure. With a little knowledge and some preparation, you’ll be the fun mom that is more than happy to go singing in the rain with your children!

Children are all about umbrellas, and they find so many ways to use them. Kids umbrellas are the perfect accessories for splashing in puddles and running through the mud. Kids have been caught using them for beach umbrellas in the living room. They make up dances using umbrellas for props, and they even make their own rain from a yard sprinkler. The possibilities for creative play are endless when it comes to umbrellas.

Lots to Choose From

Kids umbrellas come in wide varieties of solid colors and include colors like green, red, pink, yellow, and blue. The patterns are abundant. Ruffles that coordinate with the canopy, flirty polka dots, floral and animal prints, just to name a few. Children love umbrellas that are shaped as frogs, butterflies, dogs, cats, ladybugs, and more.

For safety, consider these two things. Clear, dome-type umbrellas will help your children see where they are walking by keeping their view unobstructed. Consider selecting a brightly, colored umbrella because it will help you easily spot your child in a crowd.


Everything kids play with the need to be durable, and kids umbrellas are no exception. Choose one that is made from high-quality polyester fabric that will wipe clean with a damp cloth. Umbrellas with steel shafts are built to stand up to hours of playtime. Band closures help keep umbrellas contained with they are not in use. Automatic pop-open buttons will help your little ones open and close their umbrella easily. The good news is that nowadays most umbrellas are designed to be almost as tough as your little ones can be.

Don’t let the wet weather get you down. Kids umbrellas can protect your sweet babies from the falling rain or make shade for them from the glaring sun. You can find charming styles that are just right for every boy and girl. Whether for function or play, kids umbrellas will likely be their most delightful accessories. Buy one or many because you know how easily they get lost, and don’t forget that umbrellas that pack easily into backpacks or book bags are probably your best bet. You’ll never be thinking again, “rain, rain go away”, if you prepare early!