Help Tips to Make the Transition from Crib to Twin Bed in Green Bay, WI Easier

Babies grow up so fast that, before you know it, they are ready to leave the crib. While it may seem simple enough to move a toddler from a crib to bed, it’s not always as simple as it would seem. The following information on transitioning from a crib to a Twin Bed in Green Bay WI is designed to make the adjustment easier for both the parents and the child.

Make the Transition Positive

Even if you’re sad about your baby moving into a big kid bed, keep it to yourself. Any talk surrounding the move should be positive and exciting. Children pick up on your cues, so make sure you’re careful with what you say.

Take About the Move

Be sure to discuss the move with your child. Let them know what to expect and any special rules that are in place.

Shop for Bedding Together

Let your child be involved when it’s time to choose the bedding. Let them choose bedding with a favorite character, color, or pattern. When they are able to choose the bedding, it might make them more likely to stay in the bed.

Use a Bed Rail

A bed rail will keep the child from rolling off the bed, which gives both you and the child a greater sense of security.

Set Up a Bedtime Ritual

Having a bedtime ritual can help a child wind down and prepare themselves for bed. This can be whatever works for a family. Some common rituals include brushing teeth, prayers, and then story time. Others may choose to allow the child to watch a favorite television program, then goodnight hugs and kisses before being tucked in. The important thing is to stick with the ritual each night.

Leave a Nightlight On

Even though the child is in the same room where they’ve been sleeping, being in a new bed can bring about new fears. A nightlight helps to calm those fears.

These tips should help ease the transition for your toddler. Remember to keep things positive, let the child be involved in the process, and make things as soothing before bed as possible. If you’re looking for a new twin bed, try Above all, enjoy this new milestone in your child’s life. As he or she goes from crib to Twin Bed in Green Bay WI, they are gaining more independence.

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