Fast Money: The 4 Best Things to Sell to a Pawn Shop

In difficult financial times, many people turn to their local pawn shop to get rid of unnecessary items and raise some fast cash. Selling to a Pawn Shop Detroit can help you avoid spending the time and money necessary to sell your items using a classified ad or an online selling site. But what kind of things do pawn shops look for? Surprisingly, there may be many unwanted things laying around your house that will get a decent price at your pawn shop. Keep reading to learn which items will bring in the biggest economic yield.


Jewelry is one of the biggest sellers at the pawn shop, so your unwanted pieces can bring you a nice price. Gold and silver prices are currently experiencing record highs, but you can also have success selling any platinum, titanium or gemstone-adorned jewelry. Antique pieces will also usually bring a decent price.


If you’ve recently upgraded your computer, television or cell phone, your old castaways could bring you some quick cash at the Local Pawn Shop. Last year’s gaming system or iPhone is likely to bring you the most money, but you can also get paid for older computers, projection televisions and DVD players. Vintage and antique record players and radios are also popular.

Musical Instruments

If you still have your elementary school violin stored in your attic, try taking it to the pawn shop. Musical instruments are always in demand because parents often try to save money on music-class instruments for their children by buying used. Brand-name guitars like Gibson or Fender will also fetch a great price.


Are barely-used, brand-name tools gathering dust in the garage or shed? If they’re in good condition, you can get a decent price for them at the pawn shop. Pawn shops will buy any kind of tools, although power tools like pressure washers, table saws or weed whackers will usually get you the most money. You can even sell tool-related accessories like battery chargers for drills.

If money is tight or you’re facing an unexpected financial emergency, a pawn shop is often the fastest, most convenient way to raise the money you need. You can sell almost anything at a pawn shop, but the categories above will typically bring you the highest dollar.

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