Designing Custom Football Club Shirts

There is nothing more impressive than to have a team sport custom made football shirts. They help add to a level of mystique and professionalism. They will not make a person or team play better, but they can certain add an extra level of confidence.

Pick a Material
The first step to designing custom football shirts is to look at the material. It needs to be made out of durable fabric so that it will be able to withstand the rigors of a full football season. The sport is very much a contact sport, so that means that there is a lot of strain that is placed on the shirts. Choosing cheap material can lead to premature stretching, fading, or ripping of the football club shirts.

Choose a Logo

Next is the logo design. Every custom shirt should have the logo or team emblem printed on the front of the shirt. Most companies use a screen printing technique. This is typically the most cost effective solution. Some use an iron on the method for their custom football shirts which is cheaper, but they typically do not last as long as the screen printed one. Finally, there are the patches. This is an option that adds a little more uniqueness to the football club shirts. They can be ironed on or sewn on. Football clubs often have their own unique shields which go on these patches.

Get the Numbers and Name Printed

Finally, there are the numbers and the names. All shirts have to have numbers on the front and back so that the referee can clearly see them. The names on the shirts are just optional. It does add a nice touch to be able to display a player’s last name on the back of their football club jersey.

These are the basics of what goes into the creation of custom football club shirts. Teams can take things a step further by have custom fonts and colors for their numbers and names. Other teams will do slight variations of the placements of the numbers on the jerseys for a little added effect to the uniform. For the most part, the prices for the customized football club shirts remain the same regardless of the font color, size, and location of the jersey numbers.

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