Electronic Cigarettes 101: Learning the Basics

Whose not vaping or blowing vapor these days? Look around I am sure you’ll find someone using some type of electronic vaping device. From employees on break to patrons at the local pub – vaping is now commonplace. The e-cigarette is a common sight, and many people are curious about how they work and if they can help in kicking the smoking habit.

An e-cigarette (or any vaping device) is quite simple in how it works. But, for simplicity sake let’s use the e-cigarette to explain. An e-cigarette is the same shape and size of a regular cigarette. It gives the user the same “feel” as smoking a cigarette, but without the carcinogens and other toxins. Many e-cigarette users have quit smoking and now enjoy the liquid nicotine and various liquid flavors available with “vaping.”

The E-Cigarette

Today’s e-cigarettes come with a variety of accessories and add-ons, but the standard structure is the same. Here is a breakdown from the mouthpiece to the tip:

1. Nicotine cartridge – The cartridge is just below the mouthpiece and is filled with liquid nicotine and just three other chemicals – propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine and flavoring.

2. Vaporization chamber/atomizer – The chamber contains the atomizer, which is the heating element. When activated, the element heats up and evaporates the liquid to create vapor that gives the illusion of “smoke.”

3. Power source – Normally, this is a rechargeable lithium battery. It is the longest part of the e-cigarette.

4. Tip (optional) – Often, this is an LED light, giving off the “glow” of an ordinary cigarette.

The person using the e-cigarette draws on the mouthpiece just above the nicotine cartridge in much the same way anyone would draw on a regular cigarette. This action triggers the battery to engage the heating element, heating the e-liquid and producing vapor to be inhaled by the user. (Some models include a switch that, when turned on, heats the element and creates the vapor without puffing.) The LED tip will glow when the user takes a puff.

More About E-Cigarettes

The battery in an e-cigarette can be re-charged in a variety of ways including a charger that can be plugged into a USB port (including your car). Some batteries come with an LED readout letting the user know how much power is left. PCCs are personal charging cases that will hold the electronic cigarette parts and re-charge the battery.

Many vendors offer starter kits for the newcomer to vaping. These will include your e-cigarette parts, a charger and other accessories. Other kits are more advanced and are meant to upgrade the vaper’s current set-up.

Variations – E-Cigarette Model

Many models of e-cigarettes have been created with added features to the basic structure. Some mold the cartridge and atomizer together to form a cartomizer that can be filled or re-filled with favorite e-liquids. Most newer models of e-cigarettes will come in these two pieces rather than the three described above.

A clearomizer is a cartomizer that has a clear tank allowing the user to see the level of the e-juice and prepare for a refill if needed. When filling the clearomizer, the user will notice the metal tube that runs down the middle. To avoid leaking, e-juice should not be placed in the tube. Also, user may need to tilt the clearomizer a little when the fluid is low to keep the wick wet and avoid a burnt flavor. Some people use a tank system that contains a special atomizer and cartridge. This also allow you to store a larger amount of e-juice.

Alternative to Smoking

E-cigarettes offer many advantages to those trying to quit smoking. First, their size, shape and weight give the user the “feel” of a real cigarette. Next, the puffing action is very similar to drawing on a cigarette. Finally, the liquid in the cartridge usually has some amount of nicotine in it. (The liquid – called e-liquid or e-juice – also comes in a wide variety of flavors.) The former smoker can continue the action and feel of his habit and even get the nicotine boost, without an onslaught of harmful chemicals.

While e-cigarette liquid has just four ingredients, the standard cigarette gives off nearly 7,000 chemicals, of which nearly 70 are known to cause cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. In addition to tar and gases – carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide, cigarettes also contain: – cyanide- benzene- formaldehyde- methanol (wood alcohol)- acetylene (fuels used in welding torches)- ammonia

The safety of e-liquid has been the subject of some debate, but no government agency has regulated it or banned the product, and no study has been definitive in showing it to be harmful. Many believe that e-cigarettes are a healthy alternative to smoking.

In addition to the health benefits, e-cigarettes have some lifestyle benefits. Users have fresher breath and their clots and hair are free of tobacco smoke smell. Users have no butts to toss and no need for a lighter or ashtrays

Learning the basics of how e-cigarettes work, what accessories are available and why they are an alternative to regular cigarettes is the first step in deciding whether to join the vaping movement.

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