Taking A Closer Look At The Classic Muriel Cigars

While the United States is not the first country most people think of when they think of cigars, there are an amazing number of very classic and even iconic cigars produced in America.

Making a Brand

One of the more popular options in American made cigars in the late 1950s and into the 1970s were the Muriel cigars. This is largely due to the use of actress and singer Edie Adams, who promoted the cigars on television commercials. The commercials all included the tag line of “pick one up and smoke it sometime.”

However, the company wasn’t always that well known. Originally started in the early part of the 1900s in New Jersey, it was a local but not national favoite. The company originally producing the Muriel was P. Lorillard and Company, who also made the Magnum and Coronella cigars. The Muriel was made of pipe tobacco and wrapping leaves, creating a satisfying yet mild cigar smoking experience.

Despite the good sales on the Muriel cigars, the P. Lorillard Company sold the brand to Consolidated Cigars in 1959. They are the company responsible for the television advertising campaign that turned this brand into a household name. Additionally, these marketing campaigns included product placement of the cigars in a range of different movies, magazine shoots and television shows, which created even more demand by the general public.
Despite their popularity the company kept the price as a selling factor, and even at the height of their sales, they were sold for a dime each. Today, lower prices and top quality are still a hallmark of this complete line of cigars.

The Quality

Today, the quality of these cigars continue to set them apart. Each cigar is uniformly rolled and provides a mild flavor and smoking experience that is consistent and dependable.

There are different options in Muriel cigars from cigars to the magnums and the coronella. There is also a sweet cigar with an all-natural filler which is a great choice for after a meal or to just enjoy a cigar at any time.

Now machine made in Puerto Rico, smokers will enjoy the blended tobaccos and the consistent quality of the cigars. As a top seller around the world, it is possible to find the iconic lady’s head wrapper on these cigars in any cigar shop around the world, making it a terrific representation of an American cigar.