Discover the Top Functions and Features of Ninja Swords

People often assume that swords for ninjas and samurai are the same. However, swords designed for ninjas are completely different and provide several unique functions you cannot get with a samurai sword.

Swords for Ninjas Are Short and Straight

Swords for ninjas are easily distinguishable from other types of swords. Samurai swords have a slight curve, while ninja swords are short and straight. These short swords are intended for stabbing rather than slashing. The shorter sword allows for more agility in tight spaces, such as a hallway.

Swords for Ninjas Contain a Long Strap

Ninja swords typically include a long strap. The strap is often wrapped around the handle and typically measures three meters in length. The strap provides several functions. Ninjas used the strap to assist in climbing walls, setting traps for opponents, and bandaging wounds.

Quickly Draw Your Sword and Attack

As ninja swords are shorter than many other styles of swords, they are easy to sheath and unsheath. Fast draw techniques allow you to quickly draw your sword and be ready for combat. There are also techniques that involve quickly drawing your sword and cutting with one swift movement. This can be used for both defense or offense.

Long Scabbards Provide Multiple Functions

While ninja swords provide multiple functions, the scabbards are often designed to serve more than one purpose. Some scabbards can be used as a snorkel while swimming underwater. These scabbards are also typically longer than the sword itself. This creates an extra space at the bottom of the scabbard for concealing objects.

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Swords come in many styles and designs, depending on the region where the sword was first created as well as the purpose that it serves. Swords for ninjas are short, straight, and versatile. Remember these features and functions as you shop.