Choosing the Most In-Demand Accessories for Your New Drone

Whether you’re a drone aficionado with a drone for every day of the week or you’ve just picked up your very first drone, having the right accessories is key. You can walk into the hobby without adding any extras, but it’s a lot more relaxed and fun if you aren’t stressed out over batteries going dead and blades getting chipped. We’ve compiled a list of the must-have accessories to purchase so you don’t find yourself frustrated as you enjoy the hobby.

Extra Batteries

Your drone probably came with a set of batteries, but the truth is that you need at least another set. You can enjoy your first set of batteries while the second is on the charger. If you’re going out for a long afternoon of flights, you probably want a few extra sets, already charged so you can grab and go. The good news is that you can often find replacement battery packs that can hold a charge longer than the original batteries.

Monitor Sunshades

If you’re in possession of the exhilarating Mavic Pro or a similar small drone, you may find yourself in need of the DJI sunshade for the Mavic. This prevents the sun from shining down on your monitor, making it difficult to see things as well as you might on a cloudy day. Of course, there are sunshades for all sorts of different drones. Do a quick search to see if yours has a sunshade and consider picking one up, if only for convenience.

Propeller Guards

Propeller guards are a must have, especially for those new to drones. However, an operator of any experience level should likely have these around. These guards keep your blades from ripping into you, someone else, or even personal property. Also, these can help keep your propellers running well, even as you learn how to use your new toy.

Micro SD Cards

For those of you who enjoy taking photographs with your drone, you’ll want to have a couple of micro SD cards. Those who also like videography will want larger cards, while still, photos can fit on small cards by the hundreds. Any drone with a camera should have a way to save footage, so we suggest buying at least one, even if photography isn’t your main priority.

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