Designer Diaper Bags Offer Style and Practicality

by | Apr 26, 2013 | Gifts

Some of the trendiest diaper bags are made by Petunia Pickle Bottom, OiOi, and Lexington. There are other great brands but these provide good examples of how diaper bags have radically changed over the years. Stylish and trendy, these are not the type of diaper bags that come and go like the newest dress styles, and they certainly do not look like the kind of diaper bag your mother carried. These particular brands remain popular because of their unique ability to blend function and style by offering multiple features that make life much easier for a doting mom.

The designer diaper bags can be purchased for your own use or bought to give as a gift for a shower, christening, or holiday. Designed with the needs of the mother kept in mind at all times, the bags manage to be compact but roomy at the same time. In fact, many of the diaper bags look like handbags seen in department stores, and they are often asked to do double duty as a handbag and diaper bag at once.

Double Duty a Sign of Quality

Though called a diaper bag, the carrying case is for mom because she is the one who makes sure the baby has clean clothes, toys, and food and who ensures the baby is kept warm. The dependent infant trusts that mom will have what is needed and when it is needed, so it is the parents, not the baby, who must produce supplies. It makes perfect sense that designers like Petunia Pickle Bottom, OiOi, and Lexington offer diaper bags that serve the needs of both mom and baby.

For example, Petunia Pickle Bottom boxy backpacks look like handbags with their quiet and easy-to-use- magnetic closures, logo plates, and textured brocade exteriors. They can also be turned into backpacks with their hands-free backpack straps. The practical, boxy style creates plenty of storage room and pockets for diapers, pacifiers, clothes, baby bottles, and a plastic wipes case.

The OiOi diaper carry all diaper bags are almost indistinguishable from designer handbags with front pockets and decorative straps. Magnetic snap closures make it easy to get into the main compartment and exterior pockets, creating incredible convenience. When a baby needs something, a baby needs it now and not later, making it important for mothers to be able to quickly reach into storage pockets is important.

Different Sizes and Styles Par for the Course

There are small and large diaper bags available, so moms can buy different sizes and in different patterns to accommodate different types of outings. Sometimes, a big Lexington diaper bag is needed with its numerous organizing pockets for carrying baby clothes, bottles, wallet, cell phone, formula, diapers, keys, and so on. Quick trips to the grocery store require a diaper bag able to hold diapers for a quick change in the car, cell phone, wallet, and keys.

No mother today should think of the diaper bag in terms of just being able to carry diapers. They are now designed as handbag-like, convenient carry-alls. Style does not have to suffer to accommodate their baby’s needs, and that is exactly the way it should be!

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