Buy Electronic Cigarette as an Alternative to the Real Deal

Many consumers are looking to buy electronic cigarette as an alternative to the real thing. There are many benefits and also some disadvantages that you should be aware of if you are considering purchasing this device. Some of the available information about the e-cig is also inconclusive and should not be taken as fact until proven otherwise.

The Flavor

Statistically, more people are likely to buy electronic cigarette than they are to purchase kits to roll their own cigarettes. This is primarily due to the flavor difference. Without a filter, rolling your own cigarettes will not have the same flavor or tobacco that is used in the brand you regularly purchase. However, with the e-cig, the flavor cartridge is designed to offer the same menthol taste that the user is use too.

The Cost

When comparing the cost to buy electronic cigarette versus the cost of purchasing a pack of regular cigarettes, the cost is really where the benefits lie. A pack of cigarettes today costs between $5 and $10, depending on where you live and the taxes that have been tacked onto the initial price. When you buy electronic cigarette you will pay for the initial starter kit which costs between $100. and $200. This will include one to three batteries which has a guarantee for up to one year, LED light tip, chargers and cartridges of your choice. After that, your purchase is limited to just replacement cartridges at a rate of around $20 for 5 cartridges each. Manufacturers estimate that users can get the equivalent of two packs of cigarettes per cartridge. This means a savings of as much as $13 per pack. For the pack-a-day smoker, this means they can save as much as $4,745 per year just by choosing to buy electronic cigarette instead of the real deal.

Health Factor

One of the biggest misconceptions about the e-cig is that it is healthier. Because the product is so new, there is no real research to prove or deny that it is a healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes. Due to the lack of smoke and chemicals that are associated with real cigarettes, many people perceive the e-cig as being a healthier option. When you buy electronic cigarette, you are still purchasing a nicotine product which can be habit forming. Additionally, the long term effects of inhaled, vaporized nicotine are still unknown at this time.

Quit Smoking Aid

When first on the market, the e-cigarette was listed as an option for those who wanted to quit smoking. While the device does allow you to quit smoking cigarettes, it replaces that desire with the need to smoke a different kind of cigarette. It does allow you to step down the amount of nicotine you inhale.

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