Are There Alternative To Konad Nail Art?

One of the most popular fads today in nail design is the Konad nail art but there are some that feel it is very expensive and often look for an alternative that will give them the same affect. There are other brands on the market today that do carry similar products to the Konad products and many achieve the same look at feel at a portion of the cost. What draws most people to the Konad products is that there is a wider selection of designs and new designs are always being produced. With the Konad nail art, you can change your nails every day and not repeat a design for almost three months. In addition to looking for less expensive products, people are also looking for products they can buy in a store. However, all other brands that specialize in nail art sell their products over the internet just like Konad so there is no easy fix there.

One of the more popular alternatives to Konad nail art is a line of products on the market today are nail appliques. These products are manufactured by a number of companies including Sally Hansen. There is extensive number of appliques available from this company and they are just as easy to apply to the nails and can be changed frequently. When you are first starting to use these products it does require a little practice to find the right size and apply them correctly to the nail so that they don’t come off.

For those people that are creative another alternative to Konad nail art are nail art pens. These pens cost a fraction of what the Konad nail art does and they offer you the chance to create your own designs.  The great thing about these products is that they do not have to be purchased online; instead they can be purchased at any drug store. When using these pens you can choose any color you want, paint a design and put a cover coat over it.

Another popular alternative to Konad nail art is what is referred to as crackle nail polish. This is a great idea for
someone who is looking for something more edgy in their nail polish. This form of nail art can be purchased at any drug store and it is applied just like regular nail polish is. The crackle polish is actually applied on top of regular nail polish and it makes the polish appear like it has crackled. The bottom color will show through the crackled polish. It may take a while but if you look hard enough you can find a number of great alternatives to Konad nail art that doesn’t require you to order products online.

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