When Low on Time, Consider Swisher Sweets Cigarillos

There are three types of people in the world, including those that love cigars, those that love cigarettes and those that like neither. Those that do not smoke need not worry and those that smoke cigarettes have many options. However, those that enjoy cigars may have a slight problem because they cannot usually smoke an entire cigar while working or doing other important tasks. Those that enjoy cigars can also consider cigarillos, as they are larger than a cigarette, smaller than a cigar and wrapped similarly to a cigar.

The Swisher Sweets Brand

In 1861, David Swisher took over a very small cigar business in order to settle a debt. He and his four sons incorporated the business into their rolling store of products. Over the years, the name has changed many times, finally ending with Swisher Sweets. They are a leader in today’s tobacco business and were introduced in 1958.

Cigarillo Options

As with many brands, Swisher Sweets offer many great cigarillo options, from Optimo, Optimo Mini, Pom Pom, Goodies, BlackStone Wood Tipped and King Edward Wood Tipped. Flavor options can include original, vanilla, blueberry, strawberry, tropical fusion, white grape, cherry, peach, wine, natural, candela, grape, sweet, honey and icy mint.

Other Swisher Sweet Options

If a cigarillo is not your style, you can always consider the Original Cigars in options such as giants, kings, perfecto, blunt, slims, Coronella and wood tipped. The BLK cigar offers a smooth or cherry flavor, while the filter-tip cigars offer the menthol, silver and sweet varieties. If you want something bigger than a traditional cigar, you can always try the Blunt XL in original, strawberry, peach or grape. Other cigar options include Optimo Regular, Optimo Coronella, Pom Pom, BlackStone Regular and BlackStone Filtered.

If you are interested in only Premium cigars, then you have multiple choices through the Swisher Sweets brand, including Swisher Premium Sweets, Classico III, Casino Gold, Macbeth, La INTIMIDAD, Vieja Tradicion and Miramar.

If you prefer a little cigar, you have flavor options of original, menthol, cherry, mild, peach, strawberry and grape, along with Sante Fe varieties of the same flavors and mild menthol.

For those that want chewing or smokeless tobacco, Swisher Sweets offers Kayak, Silver Creek, Redwood, Gold River, Silverado, Cooper, Starr, Chattanooga, Lancaster and Apple Jack, among others. For those that would prefer dry snuff, there are many options, as well.


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