What Muslim Women Wear – Modesty Comes First

When it comes to clothing, Muslim women wear outfits that put modesty first. This is true whether they don the apparel for a family function or to take part in the everyday outdoor world. For a woman to show she is a devout follower of Islam, it is imperative they consider what they wear. For them it becomes an expression of their religious beliefs and conformity to Muslim tradition and culture.


Islamic attire and Muslim women wear is definitely not a one-kind-fits all. It can be as unique as the woman wearing it. Influential factors include education, ethnicity specific cultural and religious adherence and, of course, geographic location. Muslim women wear everything from traditional to modern attire. In today’s environment, fashionable Islamic clothing is more than a dream. It is a reality.

What Muslim Women Wear

An overview of Islamic clothing indicates the following to be true:

* Not too tight

* Avoid sheer material

* A modest neckline

* Long sleeves covering from shoulder to wrist

* A covering for the hair

Within the confines of these strictures, you will find a vast array of choice. Some Muslim women wear a long abaya complete with a head covering or hijab. Others prefer to wear a skirt/pant, blouse and over tunic combination. Jilbabs or overskirts are also popular. In modern fashion, abayas and jilbabs often cross-over, increasingly they portray a similar look in the current fashion of Muslim female attire.


That the words fashion and Muslin clothing are used in the same sentence is not a mistake. For Muslim women, fashion is not the opposite of what Muslim women wear. In fact, Arabic clothing for women has now entered the world of fashion.

Muslim designers are now seeing the potential of the “modesty market.” They are providing clothing for Muslim females around the world. This niche wants clothing that is not merely acceptable. They want to continue to be modest, but they want to do it with style.

Today’s designers are responding positively. They are creating fashionable modest clothing for Muslim women to wear. It is to their credit that such items Muslim women wear with both modesty and flair.

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