Understanding your Personal Prophecy

Throughout your life you may be faced with questions about your purpose. When faced with doubts about what you are meant to do in your life you can use prayer to give you strength and inspiration. Through prayer you can discover your personal prophecy which is a guide from God on where he sees you will be the most useful in conducting his work and following his word. A personal prophecy can also be obtained in discussion with a Prophet who will use God’s message to communicate to you where God sees you and help you find your calling. You can have an Online Personal Prophecy as well which makes understanding God’s visions for you even easier.

Accepting God’s Word
Your personal prophecy can sometimes be confusing when you try to understand what you are meant to do and what path you should be following. It is important to contemplate on the message and understand what strengths God has identified in you that have led him to see this as your true path. You may hear stories of people who feel they are on a clear path, following through a dream to become a teacher, going through college and then discovering that this was not in fact where they are meant to be. God speaks to us in different ways to help us find our way. It is learning to accept God’s word that is the most important step in seeing our path.

When the Path is Not Clear
So what does one do then when their path does not seem clear? This is often the best time to turn to a prophet who can share God’s intent with you. Whether you seek an online personal prophecy or speak to someone on the phone or in person there is much to learn by pursuing your personal prophecy. It will help guide you and learn where you are meant to be. You may doubt your prophecy as it does not seem to reflect your talents or what you have always perceived to be your talents. However this is where opportunity knocks and allows you to explore the possibilities of working with God and improving yourself in order to follow his intended purpose.

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