Tips For Finding The Best Place To Sell Dental Gold

Dentists and dental offices will benefit from finding the best place to sell dental gold and precious metals. Old inlays, bridges, fillings, and crowns with gold or other metals can be refined and recycled. This process provides the dental practice with fair compensation for the gold components of these dental prosthetics, helping to create an additional revenue stream.

Skip the Exchange

Metal exchanges are not the best place to sell dental gold, although this is often the first place considered. Selling through an exchange means including a middleman in the transaction, which equates to less profit for the dental office. A better option is to sell directly to the refinery, allowing maximum return and ensuring the dental office receives the current gold price based on the market.

Factors to Consider

To help find the best place to sell dental gold, look for the following:

  • Simple, transparent process – the steps to selling dental gold to the refinery should be simple and easy to follow. This includes transparency in any fees associated with the assaying process.
  • Experience – choose a gold refinery with years of experience and top reviews and ratings from past customers, specifically dental offices.
  • Fast payments – the top refineries pay customers quickly upon acceptance of the offer.

Finding a trusted refinery to send metals makes it easy for dental offices to salvage gold and precious metals through a streamlined process and fast payments.

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