Tips For Extending Your E Cig Batteries

There are several essential components to your e-cigarette and e cig batteries are certainly at the top of that list. We provide a range of different batteries to fit in the most popular types of e-cigarettes or for those that want to create a custom vape experience.

By choosing the right e cig batteries, and caring for your batteries, you will find that they last for a very long time. However, since they are not going to be hurt by storage before use, we strongly recommend you always keep at least one new package on hand just in case your current batteries decide they won’t hold a charge.

To get the most out of the batteries for your e-cig, regardless of the type or model, we recommend the follow simple practices.

Don’t Vape to the End

While you can use your e-cigs on a daily basis, and that actually helps your batteries, you should avoid draining the battery completely before recharging. While you can recharge the fully drained battery once it happens they rarely have the life and hold the same charge that one that hasn’t been fully drained will have.

It is a good idea to simply keep tabs on vapor production and switch out and recharge the battery when the quality of vape starts to decline.

Don’t Overcharge or Store Drained

If you have at least two batteries you can use your e cigarette batteries as interchangeable power sources as you need them. For the battery on the charger it is important not to leave it on the charger or continue to charge after it is fully charged. The chargers with the LED display that indicate the actual charge level are a great option.

At Mt. Baker Vapor we always recommend that you store your batteries fully charged to extend their life. Just get into the habit of sticking the current battery on the charger when you change out for the new one, that way you never have to worry and you are helping your battery to last as long as possible.

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