Tips For Choosing Handmade Quilts For Sale In Canada

Quilting is a very popular craft in Canada, and most of the small and large communities and cities across the country have active quilting groups and organizations. There are also several big quilting shows and events throughout the year, any organized by the Canadian Quilters Association/Association Canadienne de la Courtepointe.

While many of these handmade and customized quilts are kept by the crafters or given away as treasured gifts, there are also a large number of people who make quilts for sale. These quilts can be sold online, at local community events and farmer’s markets as well as in pre-Christmas craft shows and fairs.

Knowing the Seller

One simple way to ensure you are buying homemade quilts and not mass produced quilts is to simply talk to the seller. At craft shows and fairs as well as in-person types of sales, this is a relatively easy process. Online quilting stores like Runaway Quilting also offer beautiful quilts made by talented artisans.

If you are buying quilts for sale online, email and ask the seller if they are made by hand,iIt is also important to check out feedback and to do research on the seller, particularly if you are requesting a custom-made quilt.

Custom Quilting

Many quilts for sale by crafters in Canada are pre-made, and buyers simply choose the one they like. There is also the option to work with the quilter to create one of a kind, highly personalized custom quilt.

This is a very popular option for personalizing a gift as a baby shower present, as a wedding gift or for any type of special event. These customized quilts can feature specific patterns, fabrics, design elements or even themes.

The cost of custom quilts is more than the pre-made quilts, but they are truly a unique item. They also can to perfectly match room d├ęcor, to capture the interests of a person, and to provide a gift that is going to be kept and treasured forever.

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