Three Ways To Make Your Trade Show Display Stand Out From The Crowd

Attending a trade show is an excellent opportunity to highlight your company, your brand and, of course, your products and services. Having the right trade show display to do that means having a display that not only allows you to show off your products and services but that also looks different than the other displays around it.

Choosing the colors, graphics, and images for the panels and background of your trade show display is certainly important, but there are other elements or factors to consider as well. By carefully selecting different features of the many different styles of trade show display models available you can add to your booth’s eye appeal and bring in more customers.

Shape and Size

While some trade shows may limit the size of your booth, there are others were they are much more flexible regarding a trade show display. Find out in advance if any of the shows that you are attending have specific requirements with regards to shape and size.

Ideally, large and roomy displays and booths are an advantage. They provide you with more options for graphics and features and also allow more access to the displays for attendees.

If you do a lot of shows during a year you may even want to consider working with a company that designs custom trade show display designs. This is a great way to create a one of a kind look.

Lighting and Extras

Even if you choose a standard model of trade show display you can still create a unique look that is different from that of your competition at the show. Look for companies that offer you the option to use a two sided display fabric for a complete 360 degree marketing opportunity.

In addition, consider LED lighting on the top and sides of your trade show display as a way to add emphasis and draw attention to your graphics. This additional lighting gives a dimensional look to your background images and can also be focused just where you want the attendee’s to look.

Last but not least, make sure that your trade show display is well organized and easy for people to walk to and around. The more open and inviting it looks the more that people will stop, look through, and gather information about what you are offering. Go to the site for more information.