The Surprisingly Difficult Decision when Buying Mesh Safety Vests

If you’re a company that uses employees in high-traffic areas or you use employees on specific construction sites where they need to be visible at all times in order to stay safe and reduce the risk of accidents, then your employees need proper equipment. In all construction areas, your employees are going to need hardhats and the right type of footwear to protect them from some of the hazards of a construction site. However, what most employees will also need, especially those working roadway construction are mesh safety vests.

When it comes time to buy these the vests, you’re going to find a wide variety of choices and if you think that one mesh safety vest is just like the other, you would be sadly mistaken. What virtually every safety mesh vest has is a high level of visibility and while this is perhaps one of the most important aspects of the vest, this is typically where the similarities end. In fact some vests offer different features that help the individual wearing the vest to be even more visible. For example, florescent vests, especially those that are orange in color or even yellow in color will do very little good if the employee is wearing them at night. That’s why many mesh safety vests come equipped with reflective strips. These types of strips are extremely reflective and can be seen by drivers if the individuals are working on a nighttime road construction project.

Another thing to consider about these safety vests is how durable they are. Many are equipped with multiple Velcro straps to help for adjustment for larger employees or smaller employees. They should also come equipped with a few different pockets and some come equipped with standard flashlight pockets in order to hold any sort of lighting device that the employee may need during their daily work activities.

There many things that you can do to keep your employees safe on the job site, but safety vests are perhaps one of the most important. Whether they’re working on the side of the road or building a high-rise, sometimes their safety depends on them being visible to other people using different types of machinery or doing different types of work. These vests as well as quality of the vests can be a small yet significant investment in your company’s success or employee safety.

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