The Benefits of a Long Sleeve Leotard for Gymnastic Competitions

If you’re the coach of a girl’s gymnastics team, you have the responsibility of figuring out what leotards your young students need. Many coaches select one type of leotard for practices and another for competitions. There are so many options available, it’s important to factor in the benefits of each one. Check out some of the benefits of choosing a long sleeve leotard for your students to wear for gymnastic competitions.

Formal Wear for a Competition

A leotard with long sleeves has the appearance of being a bit more formal than a sleeveless leotard. This is a suitable look for competitions held at home and away. A dark blue or black leotard with long sleeves and an intricate design of sparkling crystals, can make a dramatic impression for important competitions your team participates in.

More Space for Decoration

When you choose a long sleeve leotard for your team members to wear during competitions, you have more area available for decoration. If you have colorful swirls on a leotard, this design can continue down the arms making it more interesting to the eye. Having more fabric running down a gymnast’s arms means more opportunity for creative expression

Elongates the Appearance of a Gymnast’s Arm

When a leotard has long sleeves, it makes a girl’s arms appear longer. This can be a valuable benefit when a gymnast is performing a routine with lots of flourishes of the arms and hands. The leotard is enhancing the moves a girl makes throughout the entire routine.

Finally, these are just three of the benefits of long sleeves for a gymnast’s leotard for competitions. One practical benefit is the extra fabric provides a bit of additional warmth in a cold gym or on a bus ride back to the school.

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