The Benefits Of A Full Cutoff Wall Pack

When it comes to outdoor lighting for both commercial and residential properties, the light often has two very different features. The most obvious feature is to provide security as a home or business with exterior lighting is less likely to be seen as a target by criminals.

The second role of outdoor lighting is to provide visibility and safety for individuals. Walking around, even on concrete walkways, can be unsafe if the lighting isn’t bright or isn’t consistent. To avoid these issues, a full cutoff wall pack can be used to provide continuous, bright light where it is needed.

Understanding the Advantages

There are different types of wall packs available on the market. All offer LED lighting with the number of lumens needed to provide visibility and security. However, how that light is directed from the fixture is an important consideration.

A non-cutoff wall pack allows the light to shine out and down from the fixture. Remember, all wall pack fixtures are designed to mount to the wall of a building, typically twelve to twenty feet from the ground. While this provides a lot of light, it also means that light shines straight out and even slightly up from the fixture, which may be an issue in urban areas and for neighboring businesses or homes.

The answer to that problem is a full cutoff wall pack. This is still a wet rated fixture with the option to choose the number of lumens and the natural light color for the light. However, instead of shining the light out and down, the light is directed downwards.

This is ideal for an urban area. The business or residential property will have the quality of light they need, without any light pollution issues. With a full cutoff wall pack, the walkways and entrances of the building can be lit specifically to your needs, offering security, safety, and energy efficiency.

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