The Beauty of a Maduro Cigar

Many people enjoy fine cigars with maduro wrappers. They have a rich taste and aroma and some of the best smokes are made with these leaves. Why is the Maduro cigar so special? Here are a number of good reasons.

What is a Maduro Cigar?

Maduro refers to the outer tobacco leaf the cigar is wrapped in. Maduro tobacco represents some of the finest leaves you can buy. It is known for its mildness, sweetness, and potent taste, and this taste is given to the maduro cigar.

In Spanish, maduro means mature or ripe. This is an important term to the tobacconist because tobacco leaves must have plenty of time to mature. Maturity is what gives tobacco its dark rich color and aroma. During the process of fermentation, maduro leaves take on a property perfect for wrapping cigars. Maduro tobacco leaves are full of flavor and have an oily texture. You’ll find three basic types of maduro tobacco:

1. Colorado maduro – this is a dark brown leaf designed to deliver a full flavor smoke. You’ll see this kind of wrapper as EMS in many cigar brands and most are sun ripened. This means they are ripened outside in the sunshine, and it is believed to give them a special and unique flavor which is especially sweet. In addition, by sun ripening, the tobacco farmer can produce leaves with an oily texture, which makes them perfect for wrappers. The oil is produced by the leaves as a means of protection from direct sunlight.

2. Maduro – a very dark brown color sometimes called SMS which stands for Spanish Market Selection. It is used to create cigars with full body.

3. Oscuro – means dark in Spanish. Some maduro cigar makers refer to this leaf as a double maduro. These leaves are quite rare and you will only see them in certain cigars from makers like El Rey Del Mundo.  The term maduro maduro or double maduro only refers to the type of wrapper. It does mean two wrappers are used on the same cigar. In fact, some so called “cigar connoisseurs” have been known to make this mistake.

When a Maduro is Not Truly a Maduro Cigar

When you shop for fine cigars, you must be careful about the word “maduro” when associated with a brand of cigars. Some cigars may only have a maduro colored (dark brown) wrapper and not actually a wrapper made from maduro tobacco leaves. This is an important consideration if you want to buy a truly exceptional maduro cigar.

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