Styrofoam cake dummies – What you need to know

Styrofoam cake dummies are great for practicing your cake decorating skills. They are also excellent for photo shoots where a realistic cake is needed but a real cake would prove to be cumbersome If you have been commissioned to decorate a dummy cake for a photoshoot, bridal shower, or other special occasion, you will need a cake dummy. You can find styrofoam cake dummies of all types to meet your needs and preferences.

Choose from many different shapes available

There are many different types of styrofoam cake dummies that you might come across as you search online to place your order. You can select the shape you need from among the variety of shapes that are listed as available. Some of the types of styrofoam cake dummies you can order include round cake dummies, rectangular cake dummies, hexagonal styrofoam cake dummies, and custom shaped styrofoam cake dummies.

Uses for styrofoam cake dummies

There are many different uses for styrofoam cake dummies. Incorporating them into your baking practice can help you to become a better cake decorator while allowing you a medium to display your skills.

Window displays – Styrofoam cake dummies make great window displays since the fondant will last for a very long time and there is no concern over the cake beneath it going bad. Instead, you can enjoy styrofoam cake dummy displays in the window of your bakery or sweet shop that is sure to turn heads and bring in new customers.

Cake decorating shows – If you are planning on entering into any cake decorating shows in the near future, you will need something to present your design skills on. Cakes are heavy and difficult to transport from one location to the next. However with styrofoam cake dummies, you can easily pick up the cake and take it around with less worry over it falling apart.

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