Styles Of Diamond Engagement Rings

There is a lot that goes into the selection of diamond engagement rings. Most men spend time learning about the 4 Cs of diamonds and even perhaps about different gemstones that are a beautiful compliment to diamonds.

However, when it comes to the setting and the actual design of the ring, being able to describe and talk about the look you want can be more of a challenge. To help men in their search for the perfect engagement ring in Indiana, we have put together a basic guide making it easier to talk to jewelers to narrow down your search to the style or styles you like.

  1. Solitaire – this is the classic engagement ring with the single diamond set up off the ring. Solitaire engagement rings need to have a high-quality diamond in the shape you select that has great clarity, cut, and color. A higher carat weight is also a good option to make these rings really dazzle.
  2. Trinity or trilogy – this is another traditional style of setting and design for diamond engagement rings. It features a center diamond flanked by two diamonds on either side. It can also include diamond chips or pavé work on the band. New styles include accent gems as part of the design.
  3. Art deco – the art deco style is a vintage ring that includes an ornate and elaborate setting with multiple smaller diamonds around a central larger diamond. It is also possible to use colored fancy diamonds or gemstones in the setting.
  4. Split shank – this is a setting style where the band of the ring splits into two smaller sections that lead to the main setting. This adds a more ornate look to the ring from the top and the sides. The split shanks can feature smaller diamond chips or gemstones or can be ornate or very simple and elegant.
  5. Halo – the halo style is a combination of a vintage ring in a very modern setting. Around the central diamond there is a circle or a halo, featuring smaller diamond chips or other gemstones. This pattern can be repeated on the front half of the band as well. This is a great option to create sparkle and dazzle.
  6. Cathedral style – the cathedral style combines the look of a solitaire with a more elaborate band. The central stone is set on top of the band and then the sides of the band angle up to meet with the sides of the diamond. The elevated sides typically feature smaller diamond chips or gemstones.

The setting for diamond engagement rings, which can also be called the style, does have an impact on your choice of diamond. It is a good idea to spend some time looking at the different wedding ring styles to determine which one is right for your bride-to-be and the size, shape and type of diamond or gemstones you wish to have on the ring.

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