Staying Charitable when you feel you Have Nothing to Give

Have you ever considered the story about the loaves and the fishes and looked beyond the physical miracle? Jesus was able to feed many from nothing. This is a lesson that we can always be charitable even when we feel we have nothing. Faith teaches us that we are always able to give as faith allows us to be confident that God will always provide for us.

Time Instead of Money

You can be just as generous with your time as you can be with money. When you choose to offer time to assist those in need it is far more generous than giving money. Although those who are rich are right to share their over abundance to aid those in need, it does not demand much of themselves to do so. When you donate your time to help others it is taking your personal time and putting you in a position to provide assistance on the front lines of charity. Writing a cheque is effortless and even less meaningful when you are rich. Lending a helping hand demonstrates wealth of character and is even more meaningful when it is all you have left to give.

Cook for Soup Kitchens

If you do not have food to offer those in need offer to cook instead. A soup kitchen sadly sees hundreds of people a day and needs someone to prepare the food and keep people fed. You can stand over a stew and stir it; you can chop up vegetables or butter bread. No matter what you do you can put your hands to work and prepare the food that will feed the hungry.

Remain Kind

Generosity is seen in every kind act you perform. If you are able to remain kind even when you feel you have little else to give your heart will be full. Every time you reach out to help others, to provide a smile to each person you see on the street and to offer an arm to an elderly person to get off of the bus you are showing God you are rich in spirit. A Personal Prophecy Online can provide you guidance on ways to remain kind and get back on track so you can see you do have something to give.

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