Spotting The Best Deals

While you’re shopping in thrift stores, look for items that you can transform into other things for your home. These might include wicker or metal baskets or shelves that you can paint. There are also items that you can take apart and turn into the things that you were originally looking for in the best thrift stores in St. Augustine FL. An example would be an old tire that you could use for the base of a coffee table and the top of a desk that you could break down to use as the surface.

If possible, try to visit the best thrift stores in St. Augustine FL about two times a week. There’s no need to spend a lot of time when you go to the store unless there’s something specific that you’re trying to find. You can just go to get a better idea as to what the store has recently put out and if there’s anything that you’re attracted to when you’re walking around. About 45 minutes is a good time frame to spend in a thrift store. This will allow you to look through the items without being pulled in to some of the impulse buys that you might experience while at a retail store.

Keep in mind that thrift stores will put things on sale just like a retail store. However, these items will usually go on sale a bit faster since there are more items flowing through. Some stores will color-coordinate clothes and have large sales on items with that tag during the week. Try to learn about a few of the details that determine the better qualities over those that might not last as long. You want to find furniture that is made of hardwood or lining inside clothes. If you find something that’s damaged, try to get it for a lower price as the store will usually want to get it gone instead of letting it sit around.

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