Quick Tips to Help You Chose the Ideal Pair of Sunglasses for Water

You shouldn’t have to choose between sunglasses that look good or perform well in situations where sun, water and adventure are the rule. Experienced adventurers consistently rank Rheos Gear’s classic and innovative models as some of the best sunglasses for water. The following briefly explains what makes these sunglasses so unique.

Protection From Elements and Accidents

Every pair of Rheos Gear sunglasses boasts lenses with UV protection. Our UV technology specifically shields you from UV rays above 400 nanometers, the most harmful sunrays. Repeated exposure to UV rays above 400 nanometers leads to ocular damage that is irreparable, so reliable protection from UVA and UVB is essential.

Rheos Gear sunglasses lenses are polarized, so they block out blinding glare. When you’re trying to locate the best sunglasses for water, polarized lenses are an absolute must. Glare is the fastest way to a headache and causes the sort of blindness that kills your fishing or sailing game in a second. Polarized lenses also come in handy whenever you want to minimize glare without compromising visual clarity.

Special coatings make our sunglasses lenses resistant to scratches, resistant to oil, smudges and fingerprints. A special shield prevents fogging in humid or damp conditions, and hydrophobic coating causes raindrops and mist to bead quickly and roll off, keeping lenses clear at all times.

Defining Character: Floating Frames

Hands down, floating sunglasses are among the best sunglasses for water. Why spend good money for stylish, sporty sunglasses that sink to the ocean’s bottom? With floating sunglasses, you simply reach down into the water and collect your prized pair in the event you lose them to a particularly rad wave.

What makes Rheos Gear sunglasses float? It’s the material we use. It’s called TPX, and it’s 30% lighter than polycarbonate, a material found in most sunglasses on the market. TPX is durable yet as light as a feather. The total weight of our TPX frames is less than the weight of the water that the frames displace, so they float. It’s simple physics that saves the day and your hard-earned money.

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