Quality Replacement Parts Prolong the Lives of Your Appliances

Appliances are wonderful marvels of engineering that help us in our everyday living tasks. Every small to big appliance is made up of a mix of electric, electronic and mechanical components that work together to convert energy to useful work. Even though appliances do different tasks, many items share similar components. Some of these widely-used components can be easy to replace. In contrast, appliance-specific components may be hard to source out, and improvisation may be needed. These are several considerations technicians make when servicing appliances and repairing or replacing appliance parts in Waterford CT.

In reality, appliances have a time frame where the optimal efficiency and function is seen. After this period many problems crop up; and over increasing time, it will be more costly to repair rather than to replace the offending components or the appliances itself. In fact, the quality of appliance parts is one factor that extends the life of appliances. Standard low-maintenance refrigerators are expected to perform well in about 12 to 15 years. Refrigerators designed with many features may expect to last about 9 to 11 years before one of the features start to malfunction. Microwave ovens are functioning best in at most 7 to 9 years. Dryers can last for around 11 to 13 years, while washing machines can withstand 10 years of laundering before needing serious repair. Most other well-constructed appliances like televisions are expected to last beyond the warranty period to about 10 years at maximum.

However, many appliances simply are not in ideal circumstances to last long. Small abuses, misuses, overuses, and extreme conditions can slowly chip off months or years from the life of your appliances. Typically, the main functioning components are damaged first. For instance, dryers can begin to show signs of problems in the heating components as early as 3 years from use. Washing machines can have minor problems like malfunctioning dials. Range hoods may not remove fumes anymore. Likewise, air conditioners may refuse to blow cold air anymore due to leaks or busted capacitors. It’s now up to you or your technician to pinpoint components and replace it with quality appliance parts in Waterford CT.

The funny thing about appliances is that often times wearing out is not noticed until significant damage has occurred. Additionally, it may take a summation of different small problems before the appliance’s function is severely reduced.

The critical job now for people is to replace the malfunctioning part with the correct replacement, ideally the correct brand and the correct specifications. It is important to invest in quality parts, because cheaper parts may be inferior. Some of which, may cause more damage or go bust in a short time. Always purchase original parts from reputable shops. If you can’t find the correct part, then make sure the correct specifications are met. Improvisation may solve some problems, but it can also cause more.

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