Newest Pandora Collections Available At New York Jewelry Store

Marinelli Jewelers is one of the few New York Jewelry Stores that is authorized to sell authentic Pandora jewelry. Pandora bracelets and charms have become increasingly popular over the years due to their variety, affordability, and customization. We happen to have the latest Pandora collections available, with one of the most highly anticipated being the Disney collection.

A Collection of Childhood Memories

The Disney collection for Pandora charms does not disappoint. First, there are the classic Mickey and Minnie charms. Some hang freely via a small and delicate chain, while others are affixed closely to the bracelet. Pandora lovers have the option of standard Mickey and Mini charms, to the outline of Mickey with the American flag, to even Pandora earrings that feature Mickey or Minnie mouse.

*  The Princess Collection: Disney wouldn’t be Disney without their group of lovely princesses. Expect to see new princess designs that feature Cinderella, Snow White, Ariel, Bell, Tinkerbell, as well as Anna and Elsa. The collection also features charms that relate to the story of each of these princesses, such as the pumpkin coach from Cinderella, or the poison apple from Snow White. There is also a selection of crowns and tiaras to celebrate each and every princess.

*  The Winnie the Pooh Collection: A beloved Disney treasure, Disney does not disappoint and serves up an exclusive Winnie the Pooh collection of Pandora charms. Though not nearly as extensive as the “Princess Collection,” Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore (the two most requested charms) are available in this line.

Fruity and Floral Charms

With the dawn of spring comes a throng of brand new beautiful Pandora charms featuring themes and images of this beautiful season. Our jewelry store features some of the most beloved new choices, including:

*  Red Pave Apple

*  Meadow enamel charms (these typically come in pink, white or lavender)

*  Sparkling floral charms in primrose or daisy

An Eclectic Selection for Self Expression

Within our jewelry store, you will find an eclectic selection of Pandora charms to suit the tastes, hobbies, and desires of every woman. Some of our favorite new choices include:

*  The Finish Line Racing Dangle: Perfect for any racing fan

*  The Pandora Chinese Dangle: Cute yet bold with a stark red jacket and stripe

The Chef Dangle: Because who doesn’t enjoy cooking

*  The “I Love Music” Guitar Pendant: A must-have for the musically inclined

There’s no question – we may be slightly Pandora obsessed. But our store doesn’t just stop with Pandora. We offer a wide range of different pieces from a number of the best jewelers in the business today to ensure that you get what you want at a price you can afford.

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