Learning more about using fondant tools to enhance your cakes

If you are tired of just using plain undecorated fondant in your cake creations, you can benefit by learning more about fondant tools. Fondant is a pliable icing that can be placed atop the fully baked cake as a decoration. It can be cut and molded according to your needs and can be shaped to suit your preferences. One way to do this with ease is by using fondant tools. With the right fondant tools you can make your icing look amazing for your cakes.

Fondant modeling tool set

The first type of fondant tool you should invest in is a fondant modeling tool set. This tool set includes all of the equipment you need to make precision shapes in your fondant. You can make your fondant look amazing with lovely shapes and decorations including flowers and leaves. You can also use fondant tools for carving the perfect chocolate sculptures. Some of the tools that will be included in your fondant tools set includes bone tools, shell and blade tools, serrated and tapered cone tools, flower and leaf shaper tools, umbrella and ruffle tools, smooth cone and shaping tools, ball tool and texture tools.

Must have fondant tools – Ball set

One of the must have fondant tools to choose from is a ball set. This set has everything you need to work with fondant, chocolate modeling paste, marzipan, and gumpaste. This set can be used by novice and experienced bakers alike regardless of their experience level. These tools come in a variety of different sizes and can be used to create lovely impressions in your fondant. After making your fondant more decorative, you can adorn your baked cakes so that they look simply amazing.

Fondant rolling pin

One of the most important fondant tools you can use is a fondant rolling pin. This rolling pin will flatten out the fondant to your desired thickness so it is perfectly ready to place atop your cakes.

Getting familiar with the fondant tools you need will go a long way towards helping you shape the fondant to look just the way you have imagined.

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