Large Size Silver Certificate – What You Need To Know

A large size silver certificate was created by the Bureau of Printing and Engraving between 1878 and 1923. These beautiful notes are high in value and represent some of the most stunning notes that have ever been printed. A large size silver certificate used to be backed up by its worth in silver dollars. They came about as a result of acts put into place by Congress in the 1800s. If you have these notes in your possession, you can trade them in for a significant amount of money.

Where to trade your large size silver certificate

A trusted local pawn shop and jewelry shop will be able to get you the best return for your large size silver certificate. These silver certificates are currently worth hundreds of dollars and can be traded in for their full value. If history and sentimentality appeal to you, then you may actually be interested in purchasing one of these notes. You can purchase these either online or in person at a local pawn shop.

A variety of different denominations

The large size silver certificate was printed in a wide range of different denominations including $1 notes all the way up to $5,000 notes. The last series of notes was printed in 1923 and these look very similar to our current $1 bill that we use today. Some of the most common types of large size silver certificate options include the 1917 $1 legal tender as well as the 1923 $1 legal tender. The 1899 $1 silver certificate is also another option that is commonly found and can be traded in for its value.

Whether you are looking to buy a large size silver certificate or trade it in, you can find just what you need from your local pawn shop or jewelry store. Contact them with any questions to find out all of the options they have to offer. You can also do even more research online to get an idea of the trade in value of your notes.

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