Know Your Options When Seeking Inflatable Party Rentals for Your Event

Gone are the days when the only types of moonbounce available for party rentals were the standard, square “bouncy house” types of inflatable.  Today’s party-planning parent has a myriad of options to choose from when seeking inflatable party rentals for their child’s big day.  From Dora the Explorer castles to inflatable water slides with an ocean theme — bounces have taken on all forms and sizes.

Standard Bounce Houses
The traditional bounce house or castle remains one of the most popular types of party inflatables.  Available in a variety of sizes, and in many themes, these inflatable party rentals are the standard bouncers of old, offering a square “house” with mesh walls.  A quick internet search will bring up a wide variety of themes for these moonbounces, such as princess, safari, and more.

Inflatable Water Parks
These innovative, exciting inflatables bring swimming pools and bounce houses together in one thrilling moonbounce/ waterpark combination.  Inflatable water parks typically include features such as sprayers, slides, and splash pools, in addition to standard moonbounce fare like tunnels, climbing walls and bounce areas.

Inflatable Slides
Picture the large, potato-sack slides that you most likely went down at carnivals as a child — only inflatable!  Inflatable slides typically include several slides that empty into bounce areas, ball pits or splash pools.

Combo Units
For the parent who can’t decide which direction to take the birthday fun in, many companies who specialize in inflatable party rentals now provide combination units.  These moonwalks often have wet and dry areas, ball pits and splash pools, slides and climbing walls, and lots of room to jump and bounce!

Bounce Castles
While the terms “moon bounce” and “bounce castle” were once synonymous, inflatable companies have now taken the bounce castle concept literally, creating large, inflatable castles in a variety of themes and colors that will delight any birthday boy or girl.

At A&S Play Zone, we strive to offer the latest and greatest in inflatable bounce houses, water parks and slides.  Our family-owned company understands the importance of your child’s birthday party, and offers personalized service to help you select the perfect inflatable for your event.

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