Interesting Facts About the Need for Case Goods in Lancaster PA

Two friends are planning a shopping trip for the next day, and one says she wants to shop for case goods in Lancaster PA. The other has never heard the term “case goods” before and asks what it means. It’s simply a catchall phrase for various types of furniture designed to store things. Examples include dressers, hutches, sideboards and bookcases.

People naturally want their Case Goods in Lancaster PA to be attractive as well as functional. Individuals have a broad range of preferences for a chest of drawers for master bedroom, for instance, and for a cabinet that holds china and glassware in the dining room. Consider how high-end hotels commonly fill space with dressers and cabinets, even though most guests never use any of it. They’re more likely to place some of their clothes on hangers on a rack and leave the rest in the suitcases.

In many homes that are 100 or more years old, case goods from a store such as Martin Furniture are essential, since closets were not so prevalent back then. There might be three bedrooms but only one with a closet. Two bedrooms might be connected by one closet in between them. Closets by the front or back door were rare, although there may be a space near the entry where people can hang their coats and jackets. People generally didn’t accumulate the large number of clothing items that is characteristic today. They might have been satisfied with just one closet in the entire home, or perhaps they added a large standalone wardrobe at some point.

Unless a home features many large closets along with built-in drawers for clothing and linen storage, the residents need to have some furniture where they can keep their fabric items kept out of sight and enclosed. They don’t want a large number of these things sitting out on open shelves where they generate a look of clutter and are prone to getting dusty. The same goes for dishes, pots and pans, and glassware. The nicest of these items can be displayed in glass cabinetry in a hutch, while table linens and flatware can be stored in the hutch drawers.

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