How To Clean Outdoor Furniture

With the summer months approaching, it seems like every home and every business is starting to put out their outdoor furniture. It can be so pleasant to spend warm evenings sitting on a comfortable swing or lounging in a hammock while enjoying the beauty outside. Many people spend hours enjoying just such moments. To get the best experience with your commercial outdoor furniture, you will want to be sure that you keep it properly maintained by keeping your furniture cleaned. While some furniture does not require regular cleaning, you may find that an extra rinse every once in a while can make your commercial outdoor furniture last longer and look great for a long time. Here are a few tips on how to clean your outdoor furniture.

Depending on the type of furniture you have, you will want to be sure to check the manufacturer’s directions on cleaning. While there are some cleaning strategies that seem to be pretty consistent, there are some types of furniture that may require a more specific cleaning product and approach. It is usually best to check the instructions before you begin any cleaning project.

If you have cushions on your outdoor chairs and benches, you will want to be sure to keep your cushions cleaned. Letting your cushions get dirty and faded can not only make them wear out faster, but you will also probably find that they don’t look their best for very long either. To clean outdoor cushions, you will want to use the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning product to saturate a sponge and scrub. There is often also a recommendation to let the cleaning product sit on the surface of the fabric for a few minutes before scrubbing and rinsing it off. Vacuuming cushions on a regular basis might also be a good way to avoid unwanted build up.

Plastic furniture can be fairly easy to clean. You generally only need a lot of water and a little bit of cleaning solution. If the furniture is white, you can usually use a small amount of bleach to get outdoor furniture to its original bright white. You will probably not want to use bleach on other surfaces as it may cause damage and discoloration. As with cleaning cushions, it is often suggested to leave the cleaning solution on the surface of the furniture for a few minutes before rinsing. This can help you get the best clean.

Commercial Outdoor Furniture – Be sure to keep your commercial outdoor furniture clean to maintain its neat and pristine appearance. Keeping your commercial outdoor furniture clean can help it last for years to come.

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