Gift Wrapping Ideas for the Eco-Conscious

If you are making every effort to lead a green lifestyle there are many options you can use to wrap wonderful gifts using eco-friendly ideas. A little creativity will create lovely gifts for all of your loved ones for any occasion.

Burlap Gift Bags

Jute is a completely sustainable material used to make sturdy fabrics such as burlap. Burlap gift bags are a rustic, trendy option for your gift wrapping needs. Burlap gift bags come in a number of sizes suitable for many gifts and can be dressed up with other green items to suit the occasion. For example, for Mothers’ Day you can add fresh flowers tied with twine. For kids’ gifts you can dress the bags up with candy or a smaller toy such as a teddy bear. Wedding gifts can be made more elegant with white roses tied with twine or tied at the top with a large scrap piece of white satin fabric.

Burlap Wine Bags

Wine is always a welcome gift by hostesses and wine connoisseur alike. Although most wine bags do get regifted you can offer an eco-friendly burlap wine bag that will last longer than paper bags that also have been responsible for the loss of trees. CarryGreen Burlap wine bags come in different sizes as well allowing you to give a single favorite wine or a selection of red, white and rose.

Fabric Scraps

You can also shop for fabric scraps at your local fabric shop and use them in place of wrapping paper. You can use a number of methods to secure the fabric from adding a few stitches to gathering fabric at the top and tying it with twine or fabric ribbon. You can look for fabrics to suit the season such as reds and greens for the holidays, pastels, purples and yellows for Easter or the person’s favorite color for birthdays.

Newspapers and Magazines

You can create some very interesting looks using newspaper or magazine pages. Have fun with the comic section for kids’ gifts or add a little drama creating black and white gifts with a large thick black ribbon for a more elegant look. Magazine pages can be stripped together to create a colorful and impactful gift.

The sky’s the limit to think of ways to reduce, reuse and recycle when wrapping gifts for all occasions.


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