From Tables to Chair Covers: How to Personalize Your Event

When it comes to the world of special events, details make all the difference. Everyone wants their special day to be memorable, whether it’s a wedding or a bar mitzvah. There are many different options for how to personalize your event. Here are a few tips about how to choose the best accoutrements for your event.

1. Invisible Yet Memorable

Venues always have chairs when you rent them, but this is a core element in decorative elements that most people miss. Banquet chair covers are some of the most eye-catching and cost effective measures you can take to boost the class of your event. They come in styles that are frilly, pastel, minimalist, and glamorous. Matching these details to the tone of your event isn’t difficult, but requires effort and thought to decide what to order.

2. Make Your Guests Feel Special

Don’t choose drab table décor when you can be using details like sequins, fine fabrics, lively patterns, and vivid colors. You can get all of these decorative elements online inexpensively in bulk with lots of choices to peruse. For example, if your theme is nature and organic, order chair sashes in green tulle and coverings in green and white stripes. The key is combining stylistic elements to make your event specific to the them, rather than obviously generic items you found online and ordered.

3. Mix Up the Seating Plan But Not the Style

There’s merit to mixing up a seated dinner party to help your guests network and mingle, but style should remain consistent. It doesn’t matter if you’re paying thousands or hundreds of dollars. No matter what, if you don’t remain consistent, your aesthetic will be a bust. And there’s really no excuse to break the bank since there are so many high-quality options online today.

Personalizing an event is all about details, color, and brand identity. Whether you’re planning a low key party or a major corporate event and you want to appear stylish, consistency is key.

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